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Pipo&Ed BFF
Princess Tutu
Cute Meme

Friendship and/or romance, nothing over a PG rating!

All characters and all pairings allowed (het, slash, femmeslash), just keep it cute!

Mytho and Fakir, teddy bears.

autor as a child :D or as a sheep

Duck!Ahiru and Mytho feeding ducklings in a pond

fakir and ahiru, cuddling

Fakir making up a bedtime story for Mytho, Ahiru and Uzura

little!Fakir and little!Rue, fighting over the prince (adorably)

Duck, Mytho, Fakir, Rue and Autor (and maybe Drosselmeyer too?) all as ducks. ;)

Chibi!Rue, Mytho, and snow.

Crossover with Ranma ½, cursed springs of Jusenkyo. Bonus points if someone falls into the Spring of the Drowned Duck, for obvious reasons.

I'll totally do this.
I'll try to get it done as soon as possible xD

Rue braiding Ahiru's hair.

I am all over this one! ♥

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Chibi!Rue and chibi!Fakir feeding duck!Ahiru.

chibi!Mytho and chibi!Fakir, knights and swords and possibly a "dragon" in form of chibi!Rue.

Rue/Ahiru talking philosophically about ballet or the art of dance or something in their dorm together at Ballet College. Probably Ahiru won't SOUND philosophical, but she can still add a lot to a conversation with her earnest quacky ways, after all.

Genderbended Ahiru and Fakir, the lake scene.

hope this is the right scene


Any couple, winning the Golden Apple.


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